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Perfect Match

ThinSkinz® perfectly match your interior panels. Each skin hooks over
the sill and securely holds itself on using the entirety of it's shape.
Laser measured for precise fit. It takes a second look to tell that
there's anything on your door at all!

Stays on Securely

ThinSkinz® stay on securely even with all your windows rolled down and traveling at up to 80 MPH. That's because they fit perfectly just like a second skin (or shell) over your door panels.

No Fasteners or Adhesives

ThinSkinz® panels hold themselves securely onto your door by their shape so you won't need to use screws, adhesives or tie-downs

Made Tough

ThinSkinz® are made of tough ABS plastic. Like hard-sided luggage to protect your soft luxurious interiors against spills, bumps, scratches and tears. And evidently, shovels.

Hard plastic shields that slide over your car's interior rear doors to protect them from bumps, scratches and tears from anything you carry in your backseat.

Snug Fit

Felt is strategically applied to the underside of ThinSkinz® panels. This creates an even more snug fit and dampens any rattling so that they remain silent as you drive.

Does Not Touch Glass

ThinSkinz® hook over your door sill but never touch the glass so you windows  roll up and down freely. Will not scratch tinted windows.


ThinSkinz® give our special friends the safe space they need in the backseat. Pet owners know that even small claws can easily tear soft touch surfaces and leather.

2 Styles

ThinSkinz® are offered in 2 styles, Access™ and Pro™, to suit the way you use your vehicle. Choose your style during checkout.

ThinSkinz ACCESS

ThinSkinz® ACCESS™. Provides superior protection and gives your passengers in the backseat full access to the door handle and lock mechanism so they can let themselves out like normal. Perfect for folks with older kids, rideshare drivers and anyone who often carries passengers!

ThinSkinz PRO

ThinSkinz® PRO™. Covers the entire upper panel including the door handle to provide ultimate protection for anyone who relies on their backseat compartment for rugged work stuff and serious adventure. Ideal for pet owners who may not always carry backseat passengers. Either way, ThinSkinz™ slide on and come off in one second!