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Product Information

Yes, ThinSkinz™ are made for the rear interior side doors to protect your door panels from damage caused by dogs and items you carry in the back seat. Sold as a pair of Left and Right door protectors.

ThinSkinz™ are made of ABS polymer which is the same hard plastic that many of your car's components are made from. As far as plastics go, ABS is used for its toughness and relative scratch resistance. Many hard sided luggage models are also made from ABS!

ThinSkinz™ keep themselves on your doors by using their shape. There is a short flange on the top of each panel that hooks over the sill and a middle feature that slides snugly into the door pull pocket on the armrest. They also have felt pads on the reverse side to enhance fit and dampen noise.
They are perfectly matched to the surface of your door like a
second skin to keep the panels
securely on your door. No need for fasteners or adhesives.

Felt is applied in specific areas on the reverse side of ThinSkinz™
panels. This adds extra snugness and dampens any noise as you drive.

Yes, the ThinSkinz® for Jeep panels can be removed from inside the car. Simply place your fingers underneath the armrest and push up and they should come right off. Thinskinz® for Tacoma Gen3 can only be removed while the door is open.

ThinSkinz™ PRO cover the door handles so passengers will not be able to use them while the panels are on. However, in case you have forgotten to remove them and you're not around to show them the recommended method of removal, there is a hole in the middle of the handle through which they can insert their finger. A slight upward motion will dislodge the skin which should be easily removed by continuing the motion. Make sure the child safety locks are not engaged on the door. This is done by using a manual screw on Jeep Wrangler rear doors. We do recommend that you remove ThinSkinz™ panels before taking adult passengers in your backseat. Unless you are using the ACCESS Style, then you don't have to worry about it at all.

Yes, ThinSkinz™ for Jeep Wrangler JL's will fit all JL trim levels with power windows. There is no hole cutout for manual window actuators. Please make sure that your vehicle is a JL or Gladiator JT. They will NOT fit JK's or earlier models.

Each order of ThinSkinz™ is shipped as a matched pair. A set of protective panels is comprised of one left and one right panel. Each set will come in a box with instructions. approx dims 27" x 7" x 18"

We are planning on developing Skinz for more model vehicles as soon as we can. The next one we'll work on will probably be divided by how many requests we receive. We need about 500 requests for us to start the engineering for a particular model. You can make a request for your vehicle here:


We'd be happy to handle your return and refund your purchase. Please ship the item back to us in new condition within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. Customer pays for return shipping.