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ThinSkinz™ Keep Your Car Looking New
We love adventures but we can get obsessive about keeping our stuff (especially our vehicle) in new condition for as long as possible. That becomes much more challenging when you have pets.
ThinSkinz™ Protect Against Dog Claws
Our little guys aren't as concerned about maintaining our interiors but we can't possibly adventure without them!.. because then, who would hold the camera? So we needed a way to keep everyone/everything safe.
ThinSkinz™ Meet Bella


The Inspiration for ThinSkinz™

Bella is an O.C. princess who lives for car rides! And what’s more fun than sticking your head out the car window and feeling the rush of freedom? (well, Bella enjoys doing that too!) Unfortunately, the new car doors’ interiors are finished with soft touch skinned foam and leather armrests so her claws would easily tear through the upholstery in no time. Therefore, no window for Bella.

We looked around for a ready-made product to bring back the best part of the ride for her but the only solutions we could find were fabric drapes which are held down with ties and adhesive-backed Velcro to keep them from flying out the window. We did end up buying a set but were really hesitant about shoving plastic tabs into the seal of the window, scratching the tint, trying to find good places to tie them down and absolutely DID NOT want to apply anything with adhesive onto our new car. Besides our obsessiveness with keeping all of our things in pristine condition (think plastic covered furniture) the car was on a lease and didn’t know if we’d be keeping it so we needed to keep it as new as possible.

So down the rabbit hole of possibilities we went, and what we finally settled on was a shell much like hard sided luggage. In developing this shell, we determined that it needed to closely follow the shape of the car door in order for it not to interfere with anything when you’re closing it. We thought, Great! who wouldn’t want something that would match their car? Then we were like, so how does it stay on without adhesives? Well, that part took a little longer. But what did come out are a pair of close fitting shields for your door that slide on and stay on until you’re ready to take them off, all without… (wait for it)... screws or adhesives. It takes exactly one second to install, one second to remove and gives your doors more protection than they’ll ever need.

Now Bella enjoys all the freedom her little face can handle!

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ThinSkinz-Car Protector-Ed&Ro

Ed & Romina. Developers of ThinSkinz™ door protectors... "obsessive about keeping stuff new in new condition for as long as possible."

Core Strengths: Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, Outstanding Customer Service