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Thinskinz® are hard-shell ABS plastic shields that protect your interior doors from whatever mayhem you get into at work, or out on the trails! You can go all out and still be sure that your leather and soft-touch surfaces will be completely intact behind ThinSkinz® so you can flex your perfect interior when you get back to civilization.


ACCESS™ - recommended if passengers often sit in the back. Door handle is cutout and is completely usable with the Skinz on.

PRO™ - the handle is covered for maximum protection. Meant for vehicles that mainly carry cargo or pets in the back.

Either way, ThinSkinz® snap off in seconds... (even from inside the vehicle).

"Are They Panel Replacements?"

the short answer is, no... But it really is a fair question we get asked a lot since ThinSkinz® are the first & only hard-shell, molded protectors that perfectly follow the shape of the original interior doors. They're form-fitted shields that simply slide over top of OEM panels & slide off in seconds - all without tools, fasteners or adhesives!

ThinSkinz® are impervious to bumps, scratches and tears that can result from sliding cargo or even the most formidable dog claws. We think of them more like cell phone covers - but for doors.


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Featured on MotorTrend's Truckshowpodcast with Lightning & Holman - Episode 178

Listen to Ed & Romina of ThinSkinz® with Lightning & Holman (our spot starts at 56m:39s)